Ecological loan, launched


The new Ecological Loan , a proposal that forms part of the commitment that the aforementioned entity wishes to take in favor of ecology, the preservation of the environment, with the specific aim of achieving the reduction of CO2 emissions and consumption. energetic.

Ecological Car represents one of the options within our reach that, as its commercial name indicates, it is possible to obtain an amount of money to finance the acquisition of a new commercial vehicle or tourism that has the following characteristics: emission of a maximum of 120 degrees CO2 / KM, should be treated in turn of hybrid cars with internal combustion engine + electric, fuel cell and finally, electric.

Likewise, the opportunity to take out an insurance with a 15% discount in the first year and up to 50% discount for non-claims in the case of customers with more than 3 years without claims is recognized.

The new line of green loans extends to other consumption needs, not only for the purchase of a car but also for the purchase of household appliances, to finance energy-efficient home reforms.