Your personal loan broker & credit pool

Online credit agency, Crediter will allow you to find a credit. Their advisors will help you choose the personal loan that suits you, wherever you are in Belgium.

Crediter, an intermediary credit company

Crediter, an intermediary credit company

Credit Broker in Belgium and Luxembourg, Crediter will allow you to carry out your projects and consolidate your credits in progress. Crediter will make available to you the amount of money you need without asking for justification.

Online loan formulas offered by Crediter

Online loan formulas offered by Crediter

  • Personal loan

    An installment loan, also called a personal loan, is the credit that will allow you to use your money without having to justify or move. You can borrow at Crediter between € 1,250 and € 100,000.

  • Ready works

    The loan works will allow you to transform your home as you see fit. You will be able to borrow from 2,500 to 75,000 € over a period ranging from 24 to 240 months.

  • Money reserve

    The money reserve, also called a credit opening, is the provision of capital in case you need money. It will allow you to buy what you want when you want it. This money reserve can vary from 1,250 to 25,000 € and remains accessible at any time.

  • Credit grouping

    Credit consolidation, also known as credit redemption, consists of collecting all your outstanding credits in one monthly installment. In addition to simplifying your life, the grouping of credits also allows you to lower your interest rates.

  • Mortgage

    Own even without own funds with the mortgage loan / Social loan / TOTAL 125% loan. Simple and fast online simulation.

  • mortgage repurchase

    With a mortgage purchase, Crediter will make your repayments easier. Both late and subsequent payments to the finance company with which you are indebted.

Restructuring loans through credit consolidation

Restructuring loans through credit consolidation

It is not always easy to maintain good financial stability. Especially when faced with a decline in income and in parallel, we have a lot of credits to repay.

In the case of risk of over-indebtedness, the grouping of credit can be of great necessity, not only to group all outstanding loans into one, but also to reduce the monthly payment that has to be paid every month. The credit pool thus gives the borrower the opportunity to renegotiate his loans, with the aim of being able to repay over a longer period.