Who needs surveys and why is it becoming popular?

Surveys are one of the most effective and convenient ways to gain information about different goods and potential customers. With the help of them, you can start a collaboration of the brand with customers. There are several aims that they follow. First of all, you get real comments about the product. Most companies are unable to get comments about their products, so they have to pay attention to surveys. Secondly, it helps understand what people want. When people complete surveys, they write about their tastes and preferences. Due to the result, companies can make the right decision about the production of various goods.

What goals can be achieved by surveys?

Many companies find it difficult to find out what consumers think about a product. Customers stubbornly remain silent, and in response to a direct request write a standard phrase like “Ok, quite good!”. There are two ways out of this situation: to conduct expensive volume marketing research or publish simple free surveys, getting a real response from the audience on the site or in social networks. The majority would choose the second option. Conducting a survey allows you to get feedback about your products without spending a lot of effort, time and money.What goals can be achieved by surveys?

The surveys help to identify the expectations and needs of the audience. This can help you plan and develop new products and improve your business processes. Knowing the needs of your customers protects you from marketing blunders.

Surveys increase engagement and stimulate discussion. By participating in them, each consumer understands that communication with the company is a collaboration. In this way, a group of subscribers becomes a living community, whose members interact with the brand and with each other. To develop your community through surveys, show that you are interested in users’ opinions. Share with participants the results of voting and decisions they make.

Using surveys, you create three types of content. First, you tell people about the prerequisites for making-up a survey and describe its conditions. Second, you share the results with users. Third, consumers take part in discussions by creating user-generated content.

Conducting surveys increases page traffic in the social network and on the site. To make this rule work, encourage users to share the information. You can also use tools that automatically report that a user has taken part in a survey.

How many types of surveys exist?

Let’s have a close look at what types of surveys there are, depending on where they are distributed. First of all, you need to know that there are mass and expert surveys. We will look at the classification of mass surveys. There are oral and written surveys, and written surveys are most often conducted on the Internet. Among them, depending on the place of distribution, you can select the following species:

Surveys on the site. Posting to a site is a convenient way to post a survey, but it will not be enough. At least because only those who have visited the site and are interested in the survey will answer.

Social media surveys. Social networks are the most popular way to distribute surveys.

Surveys sent by e-mail. This method of distribution is good because the survey is sent to the client individually.

Surveys in the messengers. With the growing popularity of instant messengers, there is also a growing popularity in using them to solve marketing problems. Thus, you can conduct a survey by creating a mailing list of messages in Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and other messengers.

SMS-survey. This type of survey, on the one hand, can expand the audience – including people who do not have an Internet connection. But, on the other hand, if the answer to the survey is paid, it can frighten potential respondents. And in general, this method of conducting surveys is ineffective.

If you consider oral surveys, then a survey conducted personally is an extremely rare phenomenon. But the telephone survey is very popular in business. It is very effective for identifying the level of customer satisfaction with the company’s products or services – sales departments often conduct it to determine the NPS.

Phone surveys allow you not only to find out the opinion of customers but also to find out any details during the conversation, to follow the reaction of the interlocutor, his changes in mood, etc. Telephone surveys allow you to find out the opinion of customers in the smallest detail.

Tips for making-up a good and effective survey

If you want to make up a good survey, you need to follow some rules. First of all, it is necessary to specify the type of survey, after that, you can plan a strategy of its development. When you begin to think about the questions, you must clearly understand that each question must be necessary. There must be no shallow questions.

Another tip for a good survey is simplicity and shortness. A good survey is always simple and accurate. Respondents must understand any word you are writing. It must be devoted to one topic. Also, try to avoid indirect questions in the survey. And stick to a simple language, your survey must be easy to understand. It is not recommended to use special terms that can be misunderstood by the respondents. In this case, the aim won’t be achieved.Tips for making-up a good and effective survey

One more important tip is also connected with the type of questions you are going to ask. Experienced managers recommend not to use “yes/no” questions, as they give almost no information about the product. And the final important point of the survey is a testing mode. If you create a surrey, try to test it on real people before publishing it anywhere. Before distributing it, you can test it on your friends or the members of your family. This simple way can be helpful and reveals the disadvantages of the survey, that can be eliminated before presenting it to the mass of people.

You see, that you don’t need a professional to make up a good survey. The only thing you need is to be logical and accurate. But nowadays companies are ready to pay big sums of money for professional copywriters and content-managers who can make up a good survey for collecting necessary information and promoting the products. Even if you are just an amateur, you can do it yourself without any commercial aim.

Why do you need surveys, if everything goes right?

Surveys can give exact information about how customers (current and potential) look at your brand, your products and services, and their level of satisfaction. This information, if it is used correctly, will help you improve your business, increase customer loyalty, and increase sales. It is said that the one who owns the information owns the world. When sales and marketing departments are working hard, almost without days off and holidays, using all known and unknown sales and conversion approaches and achieving good results, the necessity of using another approach to collect information might be unnecessary. But it is not always so.

What do economists think about surveys?

A few years ago, Professor Paul Dholakia and Vicki Morwitz published research results in the Harvard Business Review. According to them, the fact that a company asks customers for their opinion about a product, service, or quality arises customers’ desire to remain loyal to this brand. Consumer psychology is such a thing, that the company’s interest in the opinion of customers is perceived as an indicator of love, trust, and respect and strengthens a positive opinion about the brand.

In addition, according to Dholakia and Moritz, customer surveys can raise awareness about additional products and services of the company and form an opinion about things that they did not even think about. For example, if you should recommend this particular brand to your friends and family. Note that getting this result, you don’t even need to process specific customer questions – you just have to ask these questions. Then imagine what you can achieve if you listen to the opinions of your customers.

How can you use this instrument to increase the profit?

The use of surveys in sales is primarily related to assessing the level of customer satisfaction and their interest in the products or services that you offer. There are mainly three types of surveys, that can be of great use. They can allow you to take administrative decisions to promote goods in your shop. There are the following types of surveys:

  • Surveys of customers after the purchase.
  • Surveys of potential customers who have not completed a purchase.
  • Surveys to find out what your customers want.

Interviewing customers after a purchase is the most logical step. They are people who have completed a full cycle of actions, starting with getting to your site (social networks, direct link) and ending with paying for the product. These people know exactly how easy or difficult it was for them to find the right product, how easy it is to navigate the site, and how the payment went. They can tell you what you did right and what you didn’t.

How can you use this instrument to increase the profit?
Hands of handyman with tools. House renovation and construction.

Many businessmen may not agree and say that you need to interview all visitors, because this will give more information and may even encourage someone to buy. How does it look in reality on most sites? As soon as you get to the site, you are immediately attacked by a pop-up asking if you want to answer a couple of questions about the company. Alternatively, these may be intrusive links on the pages of individual products. If for some incredible reason (you were in a good mood, for example) you decide to answer this couple of questions, you get to a separate page with a dozen questions, and then, by clicking “Next”, move to the next page with another dozen questions and, eventually, incomplete annoyance and indignation, you close the page, leave the store and never go back there. This is an example of how surveys should not be done.

The most successful practice is to publish surveys on the order confirmation page after successful payment of the order. You can thank the customer and ask them to answer 2-3 questions directly related to this purchase. At the same time, it is recommended to publish the survey form immediately in front of the clients’ eyes. If you simply place a link with the text “Please click here to share your opinion about our work with us”, then in most cases, visitors will simply ignore it. According to statistics, only 1% of customers will follow this link and leave a negative comment. If the feedback form is built-in, the chances of getting a response from customers will be higher.

What questions should be included in the survey?

The form on the order confirmation page should not be huge. The more questions you ask, the less likely you are to get answers. Just three or four questions will allow you to achieve your goal. From the very beginning, the site user should see that the survey is small and does not take much time. The key rule here is the simpler, the better. For example, you can ask customers to rate certain characteristics on a five-point scale:

  1. How easy was it to find the right product?
  2. How do you evaluate our product range?
  3. General evaluation of the site for purchases.

Finally, leave the field for additional comments. This is where customers can tell you what they didn’t like (or, on the contrary, liked) during the purchase process, whether they encountered problems with navigation, interface, registration, etc. These comments will allow you to find bugs in the system and build a more user-friendly sales process. No one will tell you more about usability than the users themselves. Perhaps this is where we can see why the conversion rate is lower than it was originally planned.What questions should be included in the survey?

In addition, comments from users will help you find out why they choose you among your competitors. Use customer language in your marketing texts. Often, the unique sales offer (USP), defined by your marketers, differs from the way your customers see it. You have a chance to look at your product through the eyes of the customers – use this chance to the maximum.

About 5-7% of comments are usually taken up by requests to add a new product or new characteristics for a particular product – this is another situation when you should listen to the opinion of customers and decide on a product line that will bring more sales.

An important factor is whether the customer will recommend your site to their friends. First, you will immediately see how satisfied the customer is with the purchase process. And if he is not happy, then you have to find out why. And, secondly, by asking this question, you lead the buyer to the idea of a recommendation. These steps will help you to promote your products.


Knowledge is a key to success in 2020

In spite of the fact that the number of computers is constantly increasing, and the development of artificial intelligence is almost unstoppable, it is impossible to imagine any manufacturer or a sphere without a human. To invent the smart machine requires much knowledge. Without it, the process won’t work properly. Any sphere is looking for good specialists and skillful people to support it. If you have a diploma or a good qualification with immense experience you can change your life greatly.

The secret key to success!

Do good for others.Focus on your Dream!

Posted by Knowledge Is Power on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Why sometimes is it impossible to find a job for a good specialist?

Knowledge is a great thing but sometimes it can bring harm rather than benefits. If you are a good specialist, you must have an accurate and attractive CV if you are going to change your job. The most widespread problem among professionals, they don’t have such a CV. If it is stated that you are a financial director, it will be attractive to most bosses, as they can get the exact information of what you are. But if somebody writes that he is a genius at programming or coding, it is quite difficult to specify his or her skills. Moreover, this kind of CV will be almost impossible to find among keywords.

One of the side effects of high intelligence is the ability to do more in a limited period of time than most other people. As a result, the CV of a smart person with 10 years’ experience looks as if he worked for 20 or even 30 years. The problem, however, is the presentation of facts. When a smart person tries to describe all the details, all the experience and every corner of his life, the recruiter is drowning in this stream of information and does not notice the necessary experience for his job. In addition, a long and overloaded CV can look like a person is doing his best to get a position. It is much better to emphasize the necessary experience, skills, and achievements in a logical rather than chronological format.

Successful people often shy and bashful, isn’t it?

The majority of smart people have super-achievements: their results are much louder than their speech. However, no one denies the fact that it is important to get to an interview where you can demonstrate your achievements. This is why people of higher mental abilities may need to learn how to present their achievements, skills, and talents in a coherent manner, so their employer can get what he wants. They can’t rely on the knowledge, that you once did an amazing job for someone else. Therefore, you can hardly expect them to read about your achievements to be amazed at how much you have done.

As a result, smart people do not know how to emphasize their skills or experience, do not know how to express it. They also don’t know how to write about their achievements in such a way that the recruiter will find their CV by keywords.

How to avoid long-lasting interviews in stuffy offices?

How to behave in an interview? This question arises for every employer whose CV was approved. After all, an invitation to an interview is not a guarantee of getting the position of your dreams. It is important to produce the right impression and bring the situation to a positive result. If you want to pass an interview successfully, you need to know the interview questions and answers, the rules of behavior and the psychological techniques of recruiters. With appropriate training, you will be able to build the right dialogue and convince a potential employer of the need to hire you.How to avoid long-lasting interviews in stuffy offices?

But what to do, if you have no desire to sit in a stuffy office under total control? Is there a way out? That is the question that requires much speculation. Everybody wants to be independent in many ways. The main problem of current office-workers is the lack of time. They have to go to the office early in the morning and go back home when the bell rings. Sometimes they can have the same position with the same income for many years.

Freedom is available right now

Due to the development of the Internet and media, there are a lot of new ways to find a more or less suitable job. If you want to be independent right now, it’s high time to think about what you can do. Can you sell your knowledge to anybody? Now, there are lots of companies that prefer to employ workers from different countries. They don’t need departments in every city and country. They just have a headquarter and run their business remotely. They prefer to employ people with high knowledge and good skills to pay them without visiting offices.

Nowadays there are several trends on the Internet that can be popular. You can become a copywriter or a good programmer and sit at home with a cup of coffee doing different assignments for people all over the world. It develops your skills, and you will have an opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world. It is also a good opportunity to master any foreign language.

Myths about Internet employment

BBC recently published a report about freelancing or so-called Internet employment. Some people believe that they will be lonely in the world of freelancing as this approach is very popular nowadays. First of all, if you are a good specialist it won’t take much time to find a job. If you are afraid of being lonely, it is not a problem. A lot of freelancers work in offices and unites in small or big companies to work together.

The majority believes that freelancing is derived from the word free. They think that they can work whenever they like. It is partially true, but if you want to become successful you should manage your schedule and follow it. Otherwise, you can lose every ability to earn.Myths about Internet employment

Another myth deals with the period of work. It is believed that freelancers work 24 hours a day and never have a break. Of course, it is not true. The amount of work can be different, you can have much of it one week, and you can have little of it. Everything depends on you. It is up to you to decide if you are ready to work or not.

Another myth is connected with income. Some people don’t consider freelancing as a main job. They think that it will be impossible to earn good money there. But there are some examples that can prove that freelancers can earn quite enough to lead a comfortable life. Everything depends on a person. If you have a desire to work, nothing can stop you. You should rely on your skills and knowledge. It is always difficult to start, but if you see the aim, it will be achieved sooner or later.